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Leading the way from concept to consumer in the disposable cup and plate, food and medical packaging industry, the Elkhorn Tech Center is a unique co-operation of independent companies combining unparalleled experience, skill, and knowledge in Thermoforming to provide solutions to ALL your needs in today’s market place. Together we're Forming the Future!

Our Elkhorn, WI center provides the necessary components to make your objectives successful. We have in-house service technicians to support your thermoforming needs.  Beginning with concept, pre-production product development, tolerance testing, material testing, mold design, tooling, plant design, coupled with machinery to fit your every need and turn-key installation as well as ongoing customer service and parts, you will have no need to look anywhere else for answers.







TERMOSTAMPI USA Inc., with location in Elkhorn, WI, working hand in hand with it's parent company in Italy; Termostampi Srl, who began in 1976 as specializing in thermoforming molds and tools for food containers and cups made from  PolyPropylene (PP), PolyStyrene (PS), PE and PET.  Having the experience of designing and manufacturing over 2,000 molds and in more than 100 countries, Thermostampi has the most advanced technology and highly experienced staff serving the industry world- wide. Their continued after-sales service and support; retrofitting, adjustments, updates, enhancements and refurbishment of new and old molds with precision detail, guarantees your continued success.



TPM-USA LLC, representing Taiwan Pulp Molding Co., (TPM) Fiber Forming Machinery, one of the first pioneers in the pulp molding industry. In today's environmentally conscious world, you can use our process to further your packaging needs with 100% compostable and bio-degradable packaging. Molded pulp products are made from agricultural waste, virgin pulp, recycled paper and cardboard waste, which leads to minimal impact to the environment. Molded pulp can be a direct replacement and perfect alternative for expanded polystyrene (EPS), corrugated and paper packaging.